A quickly reminder


I remember a year ago waking up early everyday to see how to keep every one motivated. For years It has being one of my every day main goals in my Life. I have the ability to feel beyond the reality and connect with each of you in some way, not because I am a psychic but because I am open to do it. I recognize each of you on me and reverse. We are reflection one to another, every time, and it is because we all come from the same wholeness. Believe it or not. But we are kind of possessed by an illusionary reality that, most of the time, keeps us apart of our maximum potential.  

I continue waking up and, in the middle of my human imperfection, I listen the divine essence on me, the inner voice that amplify the universe voice; and I immediately know how I can co-create for the good of all at the same time that I know, that this is the honest and more real way of success in Life.  

I travel every morning to my bubble of peace, my joy, my love; I drink water, I repeat OHM as many times as I need until all my thoughts get to dissolve and make me free to download The Universal info; I pray, I breath, deeply, I thank for every little thing, and I asked to my soul for answers and guidance. Then, I move to balance the energy that composes my body, I elevate my vibration and when I am completed free and conscious of my 5 bodies working as one, I radiate Love, peace, harmony and joy no matter what is happening, to my family, my city, my country, ... to the entire World. Then I achieve BLISS. 

And from then, I create, I live, I write my Story... 

I want to tell you this today because I want to remind you I am here, always, in a constantly evolution, and conscious presence with you.  

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