A new Friend in My Life : Biomedic by Purium

Before starting with the subject of this article, I want to confess that I love eating, I love the divine grace of receiving each food because I know that they are inseparable companions of Life. I love the smells and flavors they give off and their way of educating us about each Culture. It is a sensorial language that adorns the human experience.

Unfortunately in our days, mass production has affected the quality of what we eat.

For that reason I have given myself the task of looking for information on how to reverse the damage that many products cause in our body.

So here some info I want to share with you :

Medical Science has come to recognize that gut health is crucial to overall health, specially chronic diseases as obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome spectrum, ischemic heart diseases, arthritis, irritable bowel and related gut syndromes, dementia / Alzheimer and  associated cognitive dysfunction, peripheral and central neurological conditions, hepatic, renal, pulmonary and many autoimmune conditions, have been shown to be related to systemic inflammation and in turn, inflammation is connect to gut biome and gut health. 

New medical science involves food and environmental toxins triggering intestinal permeability, which results in oxidative stress and inflammation, which ultimately results in a wide array of syndromes and diseases. 

The trigger of stress, gluten and some other food proteins, metal and toxic chemicals that include pesticides, herbicides and some of the 80000 synthetic chemical produces for industrial purposes, up-regulate the protein Zonulin, which opens pores between the intestinal enterocytes produce intestinal permeability ( leaky gut ). The gut biome is central to this picture that results in the many forms of chronic diseases. In this scenery, glyphosate, compounded and spread in most pesticides and herbicides, enters the human body through food and water. 

So, how to combat this effect in our Lives ? 

Purium hypothesized that a novel blend of pre and probiotics will  accomplish improved gut health by altering the gut biome.After many studies, tests, pilots, etc, in order to test Purium Product Biomedic, amazing results brought out this wonderful Product as an amazing friend to reduce levels of glyphosate in our bodies to reduce the inflammatory process causing diseases. 

Biomedic is designed to improve the gut biome by providing prebiotic in the form of Prebiosure, a probiotic Lactospore, and humic and fulvic compounds. 

Dr Blums and Popkin had followed all the procedures regulated by The United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), The United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and other federal and state governmental  agencies. 

Bio medic shows 74% reduction of Glyphosate and 75% reduction in C-Reactive Protein. And it could be used by adults, kids and pets 

A daily doses of Bio medic is now part of my healthy habits.


As a personal decision I had included Bio medic in my Life for ever, taking a capsule twice a day after doing the 30 days Transformation kit that really transformed and forced my body to adjust and detox positively. 


I invite you to check it out this link : 

Purium Products

and starting to create a positive change in your health. 

We are respons-ables of our Life and all the possibilities of creating a better Present and a magical future. 

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