Xpress Phoenix Challenge for YOU

The end of the Year is here and this specifically year have being special and challenged. 

Every step we took this year had a biggest resonance in our path. 

In my personal experience, I evolved in many ways I want to share with you. The first step I took it was becoming more aware of who I am, and  My responsibilities with myself and all what is part of my Life. That guided me to amplify my gifts, my gratitude, my ability to co-create. 

Today I want to invite you to challenge yourself, giving to yourself tools to receive, transform, liberate, reflect and expand. 

Let's go !!!

 21 Days Xpress Phoenix Challenge (#21DXPC)

Every day I am going to post here the daily activities and download a video at My Youtube Channel 

(all of them will be Easy to do to make it part of your habits). 

-- My first 5 Minutes 

-- Phrase of the day 

-- Affirmation of the day

-- Vortex of the day

-- Color and oil essence related

-- Exercise of the day

-- Food related

-- Meditation, Reading or Activity of the day 

Voy a hacerlo en Español e Inglés. I will do it in both languages, Spanish and English. 


This Challenge is my gift to you for this Christmas. I love you unconditionally and I want to see you shining and co-creating.

Let's flight with all the power my Phoenixes !!!!!!


See you on NOV 30th 

Stay Tuned