Hi! I'm Betsy

Movement Coach Betsy Dopico, a proud Cuban-born girl with nothing more than passion, a desire to help others, and a dream, created a community and a global movement called “Pongamos de Moda la Felicidad,” which means let’s make happiness our style. Its goal is  to help people transform themselves and be happy using meaningful action to create results.

Zumba ambassador, Zes and International Presenter for more than 15 years. ZIN volúmenes, 11 Concert lives, Fitness variations, comercial and Zumba Videos. Tv shows. Fitness and Zumba Expos.  Conventions all over the world. 

Combining my degree in Music (piano), Dance, Philosophy, Coaching, healing techniques and Fitness with my Purpose as Co-Creator, my goal is to make people feel how the body can manifest itself, achieving better results and balance, by using the power of the intention of movement. Creating, this powerful awakening I'm building connectors all over the world.


I continue to learn new things each day and expanding my own ideas about what it means to live a fully creative and meaningful life. I work hard every day to make our dreams come true together! 

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Latin Angels Master training

La primera plataforma digital con master classes en Español

Orgullosa de ser parte de este revolucionario grupo de profesionales haciendo diferencia en la educación integral de todo el que quiera salir adelante en el mundo del espectáculo e influenciar el mundo. 10 módulos de entrenamiento más un año de subscripcion al club, donde tendrás acceso a millones de master clases con los más reconocidos del medio. 


Hola Mi Gente:

Welcome to a piece of my World - My Website!.

Where you will find the latest news & updates on my latest projects, workshops and get to read my latest BLOG  post to motivate and inspire you.

Ready to MOVE with me ?.


My Portal is the place I create to share with you what makes me happy and What habits and tools had helped me to transform and achieve my goals in a physical, mental and spiritual dimension.

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Monday and Friday at City Zero

 👉🏼Monday 6:30 PM In person class at City Zero Miami

 👉🏼Friday 9:30 AM In person class at City Zero Miami




👉🏼Morning Activation open to everyone

👉🏼6:30 PM Zumba  Party 



👉🏼7:00 AM Friyay Zumba Time

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Welcome to the Challenge

Starting in February 1st.

This Challenge will be something different and very transformative. I would love to share this experience with you. It is all you need to harmonize all your bodies: emotional, mental, physical, electromagnetic and spiritual . Day by day we will move, set intention, manifest, meditate, keep track of the Journey and practice gratitude. 

Monday to Friday zoom meeting and your access to the recording so you can do it at the best time for you. (3 days Zumba, 2 days BMS- this workout includes exercises and meditation).

Movement of the Day( a specific sequence of movement with an intent to heal in motion).

The magic Key exercise ( practicing gratitude : the key for magic; daily exercises and journaling).

I can guarantee that you are going to shift into a higher vibration. 28 days of transformation, having a good time and learning how to open time to essential things in our Life. It will be magic !!!

28 days for just $28 + charges fee 2.9% = $28.80


Bienvenidos al Reto

Comenzamos en Febrero 1

Este Reto será algo diferente y muy transformador. Me encantaría compartir esta experiencia contigo. Es todo lo que necesitas para armonizar todos tus cuerpos: emocional, mental, físico, electromagnético y espiritual. Día a día nos moveremos, estableceremos intenciones, manifestaremos, meditaremos, seguiremos el Camino y practicaremos la gratitud.

Reunión por Zoom de lunes a viernes y tu acceso a la grabación para que puedas hacerlo en el mejor horario para ti. (3 días Zumba, 2 días BMS- este entrenamiento incluye ejercicios y meditación).

Movimiento del día (una secuencia específica de movimiento con la intención de sanar en movimiento).

El ejercicio de la llave mágica (practicando la gratitud: la llave de la magia; ejercicios diarios y diario).

Puedo garantizar que vas a cambiar a una vibración más alta. 28 días de transformación, pasándolo bien y aprendiendo a abrir el tiempo a las cosas esenciales de nuestra Vida. ¡¡¡Será mágico!!!

28 días por solo $28 + cargos tarifa 2.9% = $28.80

Personal & Group sessions

A workout with intent, combining the benefits of movement with the management of energy in an hour of exercise, energy flow and good music.

Body Mind & Soul Workout