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I need you mi gente


Mi Gente Next Phase of this Journey has started!!.

 I never expected an opportunity like this. REPRESENTING @zumba in a contest like that. I don’t want to bother you so much guys, but when you have a chance, pls vote for me if you can, please. It’s a daily free Vote available and, if you want to contribute with the Warrior vote, it is going directly to support Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warrior, an amazing organization with a mission to raise money to build and remodel injury-specific, accessible, and mortgage-free homes for our critically injured United States military veterans.

 This is a huge opportunity for me. Maybe I am not the most muscular girl but I consider myself a warrior and a promoter of  Wellness and the higher Balance between mind, body and spirit. I believe in the power of movement and in the happiness created at every step to change your Life.

Thank youuuu. 

Heal In Motion Phoenix Challenge


Using the movement we are going to balance Body Mind and Soul. Optimize your time and transform.

This Month


Hola Mi Gente:

Welcome to a piece of my World - My Website!.

Where you will find the latest news & updates on my latest projects, workshops and get to read my latest BLOG post- to motivate and inspire you.

Ready to MOVE with me ?.

My Portal is the place I create to share with you what makes me happy and What habits and tools had helped me to transform and achieve my goals in a physical, mental and spiritual dimension.

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You can find Unlimited Access to Zumba, BMS Workouts, Meditations & Dance-soul. Heal in Motion Challenge happening NOW. 

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Be a Phoenix. Spread your shine in the World .

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My Transformation with Purium

As a motivator and Movement Coach I finally found my nutritional support !!!!!!

Transforming our Life starts by educating ourselves. Click here to learn a little bit more about nutrition, fertilizers and the toxins in our food, and how amazing alternatives supplements can help us to reverse the damage and improve our longevity 

Heal with Betsy